I'm Jaylen Baham. 18. Lover of California, New York City, and Glee. I watch a lot of television shows, I write a lot, and I love people a little too much. I fall in love quickly, I'm quick to forgive, and my heart is bigger than it should be. I'm an actor, a singer, a writer, and a reader. If you ever need to talk, I'm here. Always.
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Cory Monteith. <3

Tuesday July 22nd - 12:38pm

make me choose
↳ thunderpunks asked: jo masterson’s curls or rachel berry’s smile

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Tuesday July 22nd - 12:30pm

Glee Meme | Ten Group Numbers (5/10)

 - Seasons Of love (Season 5)

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Monday July 21st - 12:47pm

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Monday July 21st - 12:45pm

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Friday July 18th - 2:15pm

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Friday July 18th - 2:15pm





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Friday July 18th - 2:15pm


💖 auf We Heart It -


💖 auf We Heart It -

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Friday July 18th - 2:15pm

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Tuesday July 15th - 10:41pm

"We will love you and miss you always."

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Sunday July 13th - 5:27pm

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